This post is to show how to add a Button to a MS CRM Form, not to the Navigation Pane nor to the Menu Bar, but to the actual Form itself.
In this post I will show a simple usage of the Button, to show its function. You can understand that more advanced functions can be triggered by the button, but that’s not the aim of this post.For this example I have used the default Contact Form. The Address Section is hidden onLoad and a Button is shown.

Button on Form

By Clicking on the Button the Section with the Address Details is shown again. In this example the Button Disappears, because it has no use anymore. (I could have added a function to hide the section again).

Button on Form2

To achieve the above I have created a new Section with a new Attribute (new_button).

Button on Form3

Next to that I placed the following Script in the onLoad of the Form:

Update: 9th March 2010 – updated code blocks – wordpress broke the code!