Mini Preview Window for Contact Lookup Field

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Preview Field

Looks cool doesn’t it. well here goes nothing..

to achieve the above you will need the following (click read more link..)

OK, this is what needs to be edited if you need custom attributes listed in the preview window.

you may edit the following code block:

“Business Phone” represents the label on the preview form
“telephone1″ is the attribute on the contact entity

I have uploaded a text file with all the code at:

This code is pretty self explanatory.. however if you need some help, email me or post a comment :)

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Update Filename or List Item name programmatically in SharePoint/WSS

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As simple as it sounds, it ain’t simple.

you would of thought the following would work:

does not compute..

There are 2 ways I’ve found of accomplishing this:

1. using the SPFile.MoveTo method:

2. using File.Item[“Name”] method..

However i have found method 1 more reliable. hope this helps!

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Customize Marketing List (List Member View)

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Hello all,

Today i wanted to customize the ‘All Members’ view on the Marketing List entity and couldn’t. I was stuck for 1 hour trying to figure out how to do this. I stumbled upon and Jim explained it perfectly.


The ability to Customize the List Member View of a marketing list has not been made available in the Customization area of the UI, but can still be achieved with the UI in other means by using the Advanced Find feature.

Fig 1: Marketing List Detail Form displaying “List Member View”

A Marketing List can only be 1 of 3 types, an Account, Contact, or Lead. By default each of these 3 entities has a view associated with it named “All Members”, “Active Members”, and “Inactive Members”. The view that is displayed for the List Member View is based on the marketing list type. For example if the List is an Account type Marketing List, then only the Account entity views of “All Members”, “Active Members”, and “Inactive Members” will be available. The Lead and Contact entities also has these three views, but they will not be available to a Marketing List of type Account.

I will provide an example below of adding a single column only to the “All Members” view for all 3 entities, “Account”, “Contact”, and “Lead” for a total of 3 view modifications. Note: You must have permissions for Customizations to perform the following steps.

How To:

Step 1: Launch Advanced Find

Step 2: When Advanced Find Dialog opens, change the “Look for” Combo box to be “Views”

Step 3: Change the Select Option to “View”, “Equals”

Step 4: Use the Lookup to find “All Members”. NOTE: You will see 3 “All Members” listed in your Lookup window, each one represents an Account, Contact, or Lead “All Members View”. For this example select all three. Optional, you can save your view query for future use.

Fig 2: Advanced Find Dialog

Step 5: Click Find on the Advanced Find Dialog and you should now have a results page listing three “All Members” Views, representing the “All Members” view for an Account, Contact, and Lead. Double Click on Each View to open.

Step 6: When each View is Opened, Select the “Add Columns” button and a property list will appear. Choose a property from the list you want to have displayed as a column by check enabling the box next to the property, in this example I will be choosing the property “E-mail”. Exit the property dialog by clicking ‘OK’ after making your selection.

Fig 4: All Members View for Account after adding the E-mail Column

Step 7: You are free to make other modifications to this View as well, such as column and sort order. Make your changes, Select “Save and Close”, and repeat (if desired) to the other “All Members” views returned by the Advanced Find Query.

Step 8: Important! Finally we need to publish these changes before they can become active. The saved view you modified will appear as an additional item (draft) until it is published and overwrites the existing View. Navigate in the system to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Customization’ -> ‘Customize Entities’. Under the menu Item “More Actions” Select “Publish All Customizations” or you can Use the “Publish” Button.

Important Note: Use the “Publish” button To ONLY publish the highlighted Entity row from the Grid (for example if you customized the memberlist view for Contacts, then select the ‘Contact’ entity item in the grid before pressing Publish. If Using “Publish All Customizations”, be aware that every customization pending in the system will be published!


Result: The List Member View has been modified…

Fig 5: Modified List Member View

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