CRM 4: Adding tooltips to fields on forms

Posted by on Jul 14, 2009 in CRM 4.0, Customizations, JavaScript |

Tooltips are little help messages explaning a field or label (if you hover over a label you will notice a tooltip), I had a requirenment for adding a tooltip to a custom field with some custom help text.

After some digging through i found out the correct JScript property and method:

crmForm.all.my_custom_attribute_c.title = “Add a value here and it should get automatically populated..”;

End Result:


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup Packs

Posted by on Jul 9, 2009 in CRM 4.0, Deployment |

Hello all,

I am going to post all the current rollup packs that microsoft has put up on their download site.

Update Rollup 1:

KB Article:

Download lInk:

Update Rollup 2:

KB Article:

Download link:

Update Rollup 3:

KB Article:

Download Link:

Update Rollup 4:

KB Article:

Download Link:

Update Rollup 5:

KB Article:

Download Link:

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CRM 4 Client (IE8 & Vista): View Regarding = Blank Page

Posted by on Jul 2, 2009 in CRM 4.0 Client |

So i just installed the CRM client on a Vista machine, everything was working well.

I configured the client and was testing the TRACKING of emails.

Tracked an email – worked

View the Email in CRM – worked

View Regarding – nah, dosen’t like that.. blank page – what the..

So i said, maybe we need update rollup 1 for the client so i procceeded to install it and it said something about an escalation error.

I looked through computer settings and noticed the UAC was still turned ON and i turned it OFF and rebooted the PC.

I was able to view the record with no blank page – woo.. UAC <– WHAT???

Ohh and you can now install the update rollup because UAC is now disabled.

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CRM 4.0 – Server Error in ‘/’ Application

Posted by on Jun 28, 2009 in CRM 4.0 |

Gday all,

We had recently powered off our CRM 4.0 server (IFD deployment) due to some urgent maintenance.

We powered on the server, waited for it load and then tried to login and got the wonderful ASP .Net error “Server Error in ‘/’ Application” – i though crap.. what’s going on here..

Looked through the event log and found the ASP .Net exception and it said something about the ASYNC service not running or responding..

I quickly started the services management console and saw that the Microsoft CRM Async Service wasn’t started event though it’s in automatic startup mode..

I started the service and issued an ‘IISRESET’ and everything was back to normal.

Something strange is going on and i will have to investigate..

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OWA 2003: 503 – Service Unavailable

Posted by on Jun 28, 2009 in CRM 4.0 |

Hello everyone,

I just had the pleasure of not properly shutting down 2 exchange 2003 servers due to some urgent issue we had..

As we were powering them up, everything seemed OK except when a user tried to login, they would get a “503 – Service Unavailable”.

Hmm ok, i thought maybe there’s something wrong with IIS so i ran an “IISRESET” and tried to login and got the same error. I thought ahh crap i hope i didn’t break the exchange server by cutting the power.

I quickly ran the through the list of running services (start > run > services.msc) and found that the “Microsoft Exchange Information Store” and the “Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks” services weren’t running so i quickly started them and boom to my luck Outlook web access 2003 started working again..

Don’t you just love Microsoft..

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