Filtering a Grid in a CRM 2013 Dashboard based off another Grid’s selected row

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G’day Folks,

Had a requirement for a few grids on a new dashboard to be pre-filtered based off the selected row the main grid. My solution was to create a WebResource HTML page which looked at it’s parent window and set the click events on the Grid i wanted and within that click event i’d set the new FetchXml criteria to filter the second grid.



Client Entity – N:1 Outlet

Create a HTML webresource with the following:


Replace “OutletsGrid” with Grid 1 Component Name

Replace “ClientGrid” with the Grid 2 Component Name

I have a base fetchxml  (which you need to fill in) if you want to show all data before you click on any row in Grid 1

Add the Webresource to the Dashboard and Publish



My Outlet Clients Grid (Grid 2) should now filter based on the Selected Outlet (Grid 1)



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Launching a Modal Dialog from a CRM 2013 Record Window

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In particular situation you may want to launch a modal url fortunately CRM 2013 has an internal function to launch the modal dialogs.

The helper function:



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Setting the List in ReadOnly mode to disable most buttons on the ribbon

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014 in SharePoint 2013 |

Another requirement from the customer is at the Archive Centre no one should be able to upload/delete any documents through the UI.

There is a property that can be set on the list to disable the Ribbon bar and commands.


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SharePoint feature not appearing in UI

Posted by on Jun 29, 2014 in SharePoint 2013 |

If you’ve deployed a new feature as part of your solution and for whatever reason it doesn’t show in the UI (Web Features or Site Collection features). You can run the following powershell commands:

This will show you any features that are available in the SharePoint Root but have not been installed. Then to install the missing features:

More information:

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