Get Mailbox Sizes in Exchange 2007 using Powershell

Posted by on Oct 4, 2010 in CRM 4.0 |

Paste the following into the powershell command prompt:

a text file located at c:\mailboxes.txt should now contain the mailbox size information with item counts for each user.

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Exchange 2003 Tips

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Prequisite for installation of Exchange Server:

NET Framework
Then run Forestprep.exe
The run domainprep.exe

Standard port numbers for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, RPC, LDAP and Global Catalog:

110 POP3
143 IMAP4
135 RPC
389 LDAP
636 LDAP (SSL)
3268 Global Catalog
53 DNS
88 Kerberos
102 X.400
110 POP3
119 NNTP
137 – NetBIOS Session Service
139 – NetBIOS Name Service
379 LDAP (SRS)
443 HTTP (SSL)
445 – NetBIOS over TCP
563 NNTP (SSL)
691 LSA
993 IMAP4 (SSL)
994 IRC (SSL)
995 POP3 (SSL)
1503 T.120
1720 H.323
1731 Audio conferencing
1863 – MSN IM
3268 GC
3269 GC (SSL)
6001 Rpc/HTTP Exchange Store
6002 HTTP Exchange Directory Referral service
6004 Rpc/HTTP NSPI Exchange Directory Proxy service/Global Catalog

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Setup failed to determine whether a supported version of Microsoft Outlook is installed – Outlook 2010

Posted by on Jul 13, 2010 in CRM 4.0, CRM 4.0 Client |

I recently tried to install the CRM client with my install of office 2010 (on Windows 7) and got an error and couldn’t continue.

“Setup failed to determine whether a supported version of Microsoft Outlook is installed”

The Fix:

Right click the install window on the taskbar and click “Close Window” – It will give you a choice “Do you really want to cancel the setup” then click “Yes”

It should begin installing:

It should complete, now open outlook and configure CRM for outlook (CRM URL, Organisation etc..)

Install Client Update Rollup 7 and 11 or else the CRM toolbar will be in a new “Tab” in Outlook 2010 called “Addins”:

It should turn out like this:

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CRM 4: IFD Authentication using C#

Posted by on Apr 14, 2010 in CRM 4.0, Plug-ins |

A very common question is: “How do i run a plugin/custom web application against a IFD deployment?”

You should use the below code:

Code: ifd-service-auth-code.txt

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CRM 4 – Update Rollup 9

Posted by on Mar 9, 2010 in CRM 4.0 |

Well, update roll up 9 is out (how the hell did we get to 9??)! Jeez with all these update packs there needs to be a full job to implement all these updates on servers and implement the necessary changes the update pack doesn’t.

KB article:


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