Setting the List in ReadOnly mode to disable most buttons on the ribbon

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014 in SharePoint 2013 |

Another requirement from the customer is at the Archive Centre no one should be able to upload/delete any documents through the UI.

There is a property that can be set on the list to disable the Ribbon bar and commands.


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SharePoint feature not appearing in UI

Posted by on Jun 29, 2014 in SharePoint 2013 |

If you’ve deployed a new feature as part of your solution and for whatever reason it doesn’t show in the UI (Web Features or Site Collection features). You can run the following powershell commands:

This will show you any features that are available in the SharePoint Root but have not been installed. Then to install the missing features:

More information:

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Disable Automatic Document Property Promotion on a List

Posted by on Jun 25, 2014 in SharePoint 2013 |

So if you’ve come across the problem where users will download a document previously upload which has metadata tags against it, they will rewrite the whole document and upload but the old properties and metadata properties have been set from the last document.

Fortunately its a feature that can be disabled however not through the UI. This can be done either using SharePoint Manager or creating a feature in Visual studio which will update the property on the SPWeb.

The property is:

MSDN link:

You can also read up on Document Property Promotion and Demotion:

In a simple feature you can disabled it using the following:


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