Two quick MySQL tips

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MySQL: Running a SQL script from the command line:

MySQL: Stopping a long query:

Get the id from the first column then run:

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Get Mailbox Sizes in Exchange 2007 using Powershell

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Paste the following into the powershell command prompt:

a text file located at c:\mailboxes.txt should now contain the mailbox size information with item counts for each user.

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Exchange 2003 Tips

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Prequisite for installation of Exchange Server:

NET Framework
Then run Forestprep.exe
The run domainprep.exe

Standard port numbers for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, RPC, LDAP and Global Catalog:

110 POP3
143 IMAP4
135 RPC
389 LDAP
636 LDAP (SSL)
3268 Global Catalog
53 DNS
88 Kerberos
102 X.400
110 POP3
119 NNTP
137 – NetBIOS Session Service
139 – NetBIOS Name Service
379 LDAP (SRS)
443 HTTP (SSL)
445 – NetBIOS over TCP
563 NNTP (SSL)
691 LSA
993 IMAP4 (SSL)
994 IRC (SSL)
995 POP3 (SSL)
1503 T.120
1720 H.323
1731 Audio conferencing
1863 – MSN IM
3268 GC
3269 GC (SSL)
6001 Rpc/HTTP Exchange Store
6002 HTTP Exchange Directory Referral service
6004 Rpc/HTTP NSPI Exchange Directory Proxy service/Global Catalog

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CRM 4: IFD Authentication using C#

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A very common question is: “How do i run a plugin/custom web application against a IFD deployment?”

You should use the below code:

Code: ifd-service-auth-code.txt

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CRM 4 – Update Rollup 9

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Well, update roll up 9 is out (how the hell did we get to 9??)! Jeez with all these update packs there needs to be a full job to implement all these updates on servers and implement the necessary changes the update pack doesn’t.

KB article:


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Mini Preview Window for Contact Lookup Field

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Preview Field

Looks cool doesn’t it. well here goes nothing..

to achieve the above you will need the following (click read more link..)

OK, this is what needs to be edited if you need custom attributes listed in the preview window.

you may edit the following code block:

“Business Phone” represents the label on the preview form
“telephone1″ is the attribute on the contact entity

I have uploaded a text file with all the code at:

This code is pretty self explanatory.. however if you need some help, email me or post a comment :)

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